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(Kaggle) Screening Mammography Breast Cancer Detection - 16th (top 1%) place solution



My preprocessing code heavily depends on the public notebooks (eg. remove letters, crop breast via contour).

  1. decode .jpeg with dicomsdl & nvjpeg2000.
  2. crop edge (margin pixel 10)
  3. extract breast with opencv2 (contour based)
  4. resize to 1536x960. (I roughly guess that resizing into a 1.5 ~ 2.0 aspect ratio is fine.)

In my experiment, windowing doesn't affect the score positively, so I decide not to use it.


Heavy augmentation works well. Light augmentation tends to overfit.

  • v/hflip
  • scale / rotate
  • brightness / contrast
  • cutout (coarse dropout with large patch size)
  • mixup


I couldn't spend much time running various experiments due to a lack of time & computing resources. So, I only tested few backbones & training recipes. (about 70% of my submissions are runtime errors & mistakes lol)

Here's a full pipeline.

  1. pre-train segmentation model with the cbis-ddsm & vindr datasets.
    • segment: provided RoI image.
    • label: malignant to cancer / BIRADS 5 to cancer.
    % Of course, the label doesn't perfectly correlate with the competition standards. But, I roughly think that maybe it could help train the model in some ways.
  2. train with competition data (initialize the weight with the pre-trained model)
    • segment: inferred with the pre-trained model.
    • auxiliary: given meta-features (total 11 features).
  3. re-label the external data with the step 2 model.
  4. re-train with competition data (initialize with step 3 model)
  5. train a meta-classifier (oof + meta-features (e.g. laterality, age, ...))

For a baseline, I run step 1 ~ 2, 5 and achieve CV 0.4885 LB 0.59 (PB 0.46). Also, I test only with the cbis-ddsm dataset for pre-training, and there were about 0.02 drops on CV & LB, but the same score on PB (CV 0.4656 LB 0.57 PB 0.46).

A week before the deadline, I finished up to step ~ 5 and got CV 0.5012 LB 0.55 (PB 0.51). Sadly, I didn't choose it as a final submission : (

Last day of the competition, I ensembled effnet_v2_s backbone and got CV 0.5063 LB 0.56 (PB 0.49).

Lastly, I choose the best LB & CV for the final submission.


I built a meta-classifier with meta-features like age, laterality, and the (per-breast) statistics of the predictions. Usually, It gives ~ 0.02 improvements on the CV & LB (also PB).

I'm worried about overfitting into some meta-features (eg. machine id, (predicted) density, ...), so I decided to use only 3 auxiliary features (age, site_id, laterality) to train the model.

  • feature: age, site_id, laterality, (mean, std, min, max) of the predictions.
  • cv: stratified k fold (5 folds)
  • model: CatBoost


  • higher resolution (1536x768 ~ 1024) is good.
  • external data
    • it gives about +0.02 boosts.
  • architecture
    • encoder: backbone: effnet-b3 works best
    • decoder: u-net++
  • augmentation
  • mixup (alpha 1.0)
  • loss
    • 0.6 * cls_loss (cross_entropy) + 0.4 * seg_loss (dice) + 0.1 * aux_loss (cross-entropy)
  • stratified group k fold (4 folds)
  • meta-classifier
  • TTA

thanks for reading! I hope this could help you :)